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Hand Made & One of a Kind

I LOVE making things. Useful things. Things that have a purpose. Things that bring joy to someone other than myself. I get a lot of custom orders and feel honored to have been asked to make something special for someone.

Because I love to create in a variety of arts and crafts genres, I end up making many one of a kind pieces. When I participate in local maker markets, you are guaranteed to find many one of a kind items in my booth.

As you can see in my quick little video of my space at the Alzheimer's Associations Pop Up Shop, I have many one of a kind signs and jewelry pieces. If you're in the Orange County, California, area this summer, do yourself a favor and stop by the Lemon Grove Market at the Woodbury Town Center in Irvine. Market dates remaining this summer are July 1, July 15, July 29, August 12 and August 26. The hours are 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. There are about forty juried vendors selling unique hand-crafted items. So, it's not too big that you are overwhelmed and not too small so there is lots of variety. If you like handmade, you won't be disappointed.

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